Safety Tips

Safety Guidelines

Our site is designed to protect your privacy & contact details will be visible to other user only upon your acceptance, else not. Please note below general guidelines that our users should follow for their safety

Start slow
Use the sites messaging service initially to know more about the other user. If you find the profile of user interesting then get your parents or family elders to establish initial contact with them first to ascertain their credentials & family background. You may also setup a separate email, chat or ZOOM account for communicating with potential matches. 

Safe meeting
When you have exchanged a few messages & established credentials of the other user, you can plan to meet. We advise that for the first meeting you include either one OR both of your families. We strongly recommend our female users to include their parents, brothers, cousins or trusted friend in the first meeting. Please always meet at public place eg. popular coffee shop or restaurant, DO NOT meet at any secluded location or park. Always tell your family or trusted friend where you are going, whom you are meeting & when you will return. 

Background Check
Once you have met & liked each other, you should do a thorough background check of the candidate. Visit their home, place of work, find common relatives or friends etc. Let your parents & elders meet theirs. Do a thorough personal reference check and also checkout their social media profiles. If the person is reluctant to share job details, social media profile or meet along with parents you should discontinue communication with them. 

No Physical Relationship
It goes without saying, do not engage in a physical relationship before marriage as it can be very risky. Avoid meeting anyone alone in a secluded place like a park etc, instead meet them in public places.

Never Give Money
Anybody asking you for money is nothing but a fraudster. They will make all sorts of stories & generally target divorcees and widowers. Such people don't show their face and won't come on video chat. They may even use somebody else's photos. They win over you through sweet talks and false promises. 

Report Fraud or Imposter 
If you come across any fraudster, report them immediately by call / whatsapp on 91 7090 8090 or email on or report on website and we will deactivate their profile immediately. Incase you do not want to disclose your identity then you can email discreetly on with profile ID / details of fraudster. Your timely information might be able to save some other innocent members from fraud or danger.

Note: To ensure safety & accuracy, we ID every profile & verify their contact details. However we make no guarantee that the information provided by candidates on the site is 100% error proof or genuine. We strongly suggest that our users do an independent background check of shortlisted candidates. Under no circumstances we can be held responsible or liable directly or indirectly for any damages or loss caused or sustained by the user, in connection with use of any material or content on the site.